About us

PRISTA GAS LTD is a company established in 2000 with main activity: complete engineering, design, supply, construction and installation, start-adjusting works, warranty and maintenance of

  • Gas facilities and natural gas installations
  • Gas equipment and installations for butane gas
  • Heating installations and equipment
  • Steam plant and equipment
  • Water Supply and Sewerage systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ventilation systems
  • Water- preparation and other installations
  • Metal structures (including service areas bearing structures etc.)


The company is registered under the Law on Commerce and in compliance with all requirements, entered in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency.

The management of PRISTA GAS LTD is motivated to develop the business of the company, following the motto:
Absolutely and continuous involvement of all staff to fully meet the requirements of clients and contractors!

The aim of the company is to provide all our contractors with competitive services and utmost to satisfy the requirements for guaranteed quality.

The management of PRISTA GAS LTD achieves the status of an organization acknowledged at the Bulgarian market through:

  • continuous quality improvement of the services performed, optimizing the organization on the processes and activities management;
  • providing opportunities for continuous improvement of qualifications of staff, in order to maintain high level of expertise;
  • creating a positive work environment in order to motivate the maximum fulfilment of the skills and abilities of staff;
  • taking quick corrective actions in case of discrepancies admitted.



The company is represented
and managed by:

Dipl. Eng Tsenka Gancheva

Dipl. Eng. Evgeniy Dimov


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Supply and construction works